TBS Picks Up ‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’ For a Full Season


Good news for Full Frontal fans! Samantha Bee’s late night show has just been picked up for a full season by TBS. The network ordered an additional 26 episodes, which means Samantha Bee and her team will get to break down all of the craziness through the end of 2016. Even though she’s only been on the air for a couple of months, Full Frontal has already hit a chord with viewers, averaging 3.7 million views per episode (across linear, digital, and mobile platforms). We wrote about the first episode and have continued to tune in every week to see Samantha’s fresh take on what’s going on in the world of American politics. She was able to separate herself from the other Daily Show alums (and the new Daily Show) not just by offering a woman’s perspective (although that is definitely a huge factor!) but also by playing to her strengths in doing interviews in the field. Even when she covers the same topics as Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert, she does so from an angle we hadn’t considered before and she makes us laugh along the way.

Brett Weitz, executive VP of original programing for TBS, put it this way: “Sam has positioned herself as an essential voice in late night, and it’s pretty clear she’s struck a nerve and filled a void.” We have to agree.

Full Frontal returns to TBS on April 11.


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