Last Week Tonight: Congressional Fundraising

Before we get to the main topic of last night’s Last Week Tonight, we just want to give a shout out to John Oliver’s latest stunt to annoy rich people. You see, the New York Yankees have made it more difficult for people to re-sell the expensive tickets behind home plate, even though these seats are regularly empty during games. The Yankees responded to people complaining about this by saying, essentially, that they didn’t want riff-raff who bought their tickets on the secondary market sitting with the rich people who paid full price for their tickets because it would annoy the rich people too much. So, naturally, John bought tickets to the first three Yankees home games and is giving them away to the people on Twitter who have the best “I have never sat in a premium location” outfits. We can’t wait to tune into the games and see what they come up with.

John’s main segment this week also involved copious amounts of money, specifically the money that is being raised by Congress. Even more specifically, the money that congressmen and women spend most of their day going to fundraisers and sitting in call centers trying to raise. John certainly painted a bleak picture of the reality that elected officials spend most of their days trying to raise money to get re-elected rather than, you know, actually legislating. In a rare move, John also left the studio and conducted an interview with Congressman Steve Israel. While the segment wasn’t that heavy on laughs, we did learn a lot and it all ended with a delicious swig of Long Island bag wine, so we’ll call that a success.



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