Seth Meyers is a Dad

You may have noticed that there was no new episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night. There was very good reason for that! Seth’s wife, Alexi Ashe, gave birth to their son on Easter Sunday. After only taking one day off, Seth was back at it on Tuesday. He started the show off by telling the adorable story of his son’s birth, which was a very stereotypically New York story including a doorman who’d seen it all before and an Uber driver who definitely had not.

Seth named his son Ashe Olsen. Ashe is his wife’s maiden name, of course, and Olsen is Seth’s mom’s maiden name. And yes, Seth is aware that it kind of sounds like he named his son after Ashley Olsen, but he’s obviously a Mary-Kate guy so don’t get the wrong idea.

Congrats to Seth and Alexi! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more stories about Seth’s adventures as a father.


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