9 Things From Tonight’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Terry Kitties

Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

In general we enjoyed “Terry Kitties”. It wasn’t the funniest episode of the season, but it was still strong. Come to think of it, we can’t really come up with any duds from season three. While it won’t necessarily be the first episode that will come to mind at the end of this season, but we still enjoyed it. As always, we compiled our list of 9 Things From Last Night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

1. The Plot

“Terry Kitties” was once again a three story episode. The characters in each story pretty much stayed to themselves with the exception of the cold open, but this formula has worked well on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

In the episode’s main story, Terry and Jake decide to take on a cold case. Everything starts when Terry receives a kitten as a weird kind of zinger from some past co-workers in the 6-5. Apparently, Terry embarrassed himself when he assumed that a guy in a wheelchair was a burglar. Since the guy had a cat, Terry has been receiving kittens to embarrass him for years. We didn’t totally get why these were so great as a way to taunt Terry. We also didn’t really find them all that funny, but they led to Jake and Terry investigating the cold case.

The investigation of the 20 year old burglary case was pretty entertaining. This wasn’t the first time that an old case was investigated on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We doubt it will be the last. After a failed lead and another bungled sting, Terry seems to be left in another embarassing predicament.

Jake Peralta is half terrible cop and half fantastic cop. He was both in “Terry Kitties”, but in the end he was more good than bad. After pulling an all nighter, Jake realizes that Terry was right all along. The guy he wanted to arrest in the 90’s wasn’t actually disabled. By the end of the episode, Terry was vindicated.

The number two story in “Terry Kitties” featured Boyle, Pimento, and Gina. After finding Pimento sleeping at the precinct, Boyle inadvertently invites him to stay over at his place. Now Boyle has to deal with Pimento’s night screams and much more. While Pimento slept well, Boyle did not and the apartment now has a new alpha. Instead of standing up and being an alpha himself, Boyle tries to get Pimento to leave by being a beta. Until Gina steps in with an alpha style of her own, Pimento is going to fully settle in. What is unknown is whether the alpha or beta approach was what led to Pimento backing down. Again, we enjoyed this story line, but it wasn’t as strong as many of them this season.

The third and final story featured everyone not involved in the first two stories. While it received very little screen time the bomb training class might have been our favorite. Ultimately, Hitchcock and Scully accidentally defused the bomb the fastest, but the competition between Rosa, Amy, and Holt led to some funny moments. When Holt thought that he won the “contest” we laughed out loud. Sometimes less is more and that was the case in the number three story of the night.

2. Say Yes to Anything

Captain Holt returned to the precinct after a trip to France and he couldn’t have been in a better mood. Seeing an opportunity, the detectives think that they should put in requests that will fulfill their wildest dreams.

  • Terry riding a police horse – Gina
  • HR person reminding people about workplace boundaries – Terry
  • Japanese toilet – Boyle
  • Tanks – Peralta

Unfortunately for everyone, Hitchcock and Scully ruined it by going into Holt’s office and commenting on his minor weight change thanks to all the delicious Parisian treats. We’re not surprised that these two annoyed the Captain out of his good mood.

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

3. Flat Top Terry

We’ve always enjoyed character flashbacks. We’ve seen quite a few characters early in their careers, but it wasn’t until this week’s episode that we saw young Terry. Still musclebound, the big difference was his hairstyle. Apparently there were no pictures of Terry at the time, but Jake correctly guessed that he used to have a flat top. We thought that young Holt’s style was our favorite, but young Terry is a strong contender. We’ll have to see more of both to decide which is our favorite.

4. Pregnancy Cover-Up

Melissa Fumero is pregnant, in case you couldn’t tell by the camera tricks in “Terry Kitties”. They’ve been hiding her pregnancy for much of the season, but this episode had some of the most creative tricks. These are the ones that we noticed:

  • Holding files over her stomach
  • Close up filming
  • Bomb suit
  • Sitting down behind a big binder

5. Awful Night for Boyle

When Adrian Pimento moved into Boyle’s apartment for a night it sounded like it was a house of horrors. It seems like Boyle’s list of incidents is probably shorter than it could have been, but the three that were named in “Terry Kitties” were:

  • Someone’s blood all over the bathroom
  • Sleep choked Boyle twice
  • Ate all of Boyle’s Nortfluskaus brand cereal

6. Peralta Phobias

Every episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduces new sides of Jake Peralta. The new things that we learned about him in “Terry Kitties” were his fears. After making sure that Terry knew that he wasn’t afraid of heights, Jake listed off these four things that terrify him:

  • Bees
  • Snakes
  • Knicks might never be good again
  • And apparently heights

7. Die Hard Kitties

As Terry collected more and more kittens Jake saw an opportunity to give them some of his favorite names. We should have guessed it, but were still caught off guard when Peralta told Terry that he gave the kittens Die Hard names. Truth be told we aren’t big Die Hard fans, but we trust that these are the most appropriate names for Terry’s kittens:

  • Hans
  • John
  • Nakatomi

8. Revenge

After Terry made his arrest (20 years later), Jake wants him to get his revenge. After all, Terry did receive all of those unwanted kittens over the years. He gives Terry two solid options:

  • Send them a box of rats
  • Drop water balloons on their cars

Terry decides he’d rather take the high road. Of course, it wasn’t that easy. And cut to flashback from moments earlier. Jake released the rats…”rats, I did the rats…I couldn’t wait!”

9. Other Funny Lines

Every week there are a number of funny one liners that we feel are funny enough to stand on their own. Here they are:

  • I need two phones so I can send her a fronty and a backy – Boyle
  • They’d kill us all if they were smart enough to use weapons – Terry
  • You’re going to have to buy bigger underwear if we’re going to be sharing – Pimento
  • Some dude yarfed in the men’s bathroom – Peralta
  • We are police officers, not sea urchins playing speed chess in the park – Holt

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